How God Taught me to Fight Condemnation

A fun way to teach your children about the Bible is through Bible game apps. But Bible game apps are not for personal entertainment only. They can also be played with the family. Here are 3 ways Bible gaming apps can strengthen your bond as a family.

How You Can Stop Limiting God

Not too long ago in time. Not too far from where you are.   Dozens of schools experienced outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of children were so overwhelmed by the divine presence of God that they lost their physical ability to stand. Some, overwhelmed by deep conviction of sin, were weeping profusely.   In a girl’s school, 200 students fell down under the power of God. Some experienced outbursts  of joy, others were in tears and wailing.  Children began openly confessing their addictions and exposing their hidden struggles. Many received instant healings. School administrators were shocked when the children would break out in songs, praying, as well as falling down under the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes this would take place during the morning assemblies, and at other times during class hours. Some of these children were as young as four to six years old, and their prayer was beyond their years, indicating the Holy Spirit was "praying through them" (Rom 8:26). It is not uncommon to hear of parents praying intensely for their wayward children, but children praying for their parents' breakthrough was so unique. Three and four year old were prophesying and praying for the sick with remarkable success. When schools would experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the administrators would declare a holiday, and classes would be canceled.   I am talking about the Shillong Revival, that happened in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya in India in 2006.     Any parents reading?   Any teachers listening?   See it too far fetched? See it just as a good content to read and pass by? Hold on!  Lets see what God is showing Can you see the same God of the Shillong Revival, and his eyes running to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of those whose heart is completely is? (2 Chro 16:9).   Can you see YOUR children, from the youngest to the oldest, ushering revival? This new season and new year, let’s start to see. Let’s expand our tent and enlarge our minds to see what God is showing us (Isa 54:2,3).   Let’s celebrate what we can’t see with our physical eyes yet, and doubt the things of the world that we can see.   Let's see.  Let’s take our limits off God (Psa 78:40,41) . I believe that’s a good start for 2023.   Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year from all of us at Team NOP!!instagram[brbl_smart_post_list rows_count="3" include_categories="11,13,12,10,9,1" order="DESC" filter_categories="11,12,10,9,1,13" topbar_title_bg="#00aead" show_date="on" meta_spacing_bottom="1px" meta_item_spacing="5px" ft_author_icon_size="0px" author_icon_size="0px" author_icon_color="#0C71C3" ft_date_icon_spacing="3px" ft_date_icon_size="10px" ft_date_icon_color="#FFFFFF" date_icon_spacing="2px" date_icon_size="10px" _builder_version="4.16" _module_preset="default" filter_font="Montserrat||||||||" featured_title_font="Playfair Display||||||||" featured_excerpt_font="Montserrat||||||||" title_font="Playfair Display||||||||" title_text_color="#000000" author_font="Montserrat||||||||" author_text_color="#0C71C3" date_font="Montserrat||||||||" featured_author_text_color="#FFFFFF" custom_spl_btn="on" spl_btn_font="Montserrat||||||||" global_colors_info="{}"][/brbl_smart_post_list] Welcome to HOW. our weekly blog that will empower you to raise your children in the ways of the Lord by answering all your Hows. Our content is handled by a dedicated team of parents, authors, teachers and Godly thought leaders who have a calling for children. The five categories that this blog focuses on are Children & Relationships, Revival & Prophetic, Spiritual Growth, Technology and Newbie Parents.

Free Printable Bookmark- A Parent’s Prayer

A fun way to teach your children about the Bible is through Bible game apps. But Bible game apps are not for personal entertainment only. They can also be played with the family. Here are 3 ways Bible gaming apps can strengthen your bond as a family.

No Ordinary Parenting is a movement with a vision to raise a mighty army of children who walk with the Living God. And, who better to lead them, than you, Parents!

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Not Perfect,But Led...
Not Perfect, But Led...

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Because your child is not ordinary, your parenting cannot be ordinary.  You have a role to fill that no Sunday school teacher or caregiver can ever replace.  You are your child’s closest mentor and they will turn out exactly the way you shape them.

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