Parents Beware of the New Amazon Prime Cartoon “Hazbin Hotel”

by | Feb 27, 2024 | News

Amazon Prime Video has released a new animated series called “Hazbin Hotel”. The concept of Hazbin Hotel is contradictory to the Bible and glorifies lucifer or satan as the “good guy”.

The summary of Hazbin Hotel reads, “In an attempt to find a non-violent alternative for reducing hell’s overpopulation, the daughter of lucifer opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers a group of misfit demons a chance at redemption.”

Hazbin Hotel is available not only on Amazon Prime, but parts of it and the show’s songs are also available on YouTube, putting millions of kids at risk of being exposed to it.

Dear parents, Hazbin Hotel is deceptive and openly demonic. Since it is made as a cartoon series, it can attract curious kids. We as parents need to be aware and protect our children from being exposed to such shows.

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