Warning for Parents: Hidden Insect Additives Found in Common Kids’ Snacks!

by | Dec 21, 2023 | News

Anybody who care about the health of their family and does not wish to introduce bugs, insects and crickets to their diet will need to start reading labels on food items very closely.

Parents, stay on guard!
If you are feeding your kids anything conventional, there are two ingredients to look out for- E120 and E904 are additives found in many food products which are obtained from the insects.

There are currently more than 100 products containing these additives. Most of them are products intended for children.

Mainstream food producers, including familiar brands like Mentos, Skittles, Mr. Kipling, Kitkat, Jelly Belly, Cadbury Nutties, Happydent White and others, have been quietly incorporating these additives without proper disclosure, everyday snacks for children as the push to force-feed humanity with insects reaches supermarket shelves

Food safety authorities have revealed that these insect-based additives have many side-effects and negative consequences for humans, and have affirmed their impact on various health aspects including hyperactivity in children, allergies, allergic reactions, asthma, and genotoxicity

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