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Showcasing some of our favorite resources for gospel-centered parenting! However, we would always encourage you to first glean on the Bible, God’s infallible Word as your primary source of truth, direction and growth.

PS: We do not affirm every aspect of every external resource , and inclusion on this page doesn’t equate to a full endorsement of all an author’s works. *Affiliate links used where appropriate.


Revive Kids

Revive Kids is a children’s ministry YoutTube channel geared to young children and their families, developed in Montreal, Canada under the leadership of Prophetess Tiny Mathew, Co-Founder of Revive Nations, Canada

With new episodes every week, the channel is committed to bringing up our children up to speed in the things of God. The channel is envisioned to be a place of revival where the children study and learn principles about the Bible in a fun manner. Especially in today’s world, where there is plenty of distractions, RN Kids is a great resource for our children, building their foundations and encouraging kids to develop a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus.

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